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Leadership Experience


An interactive leadership workshop


Hosted at the MCG, the Melbourne Football Club has created a leadership experience that includes understanding what leadership and culture really is and the significance of both to success. It is targeted at younger managers in the early stages of their management career. This is a two-day interactive workshop - it is not a series of lectures.

Facilitated by Melbourne Football Club CEO, Peter Jackson and featuring key Melbourne Football Club coaching and player personnel this experience will provide managers an understanding of leadership, an awareness of their own style of leadership and feedback on the effectiveness of their leadership.

Managers will:

  • Learn what drives behaviour, including their own behaviour
  • Gain greater self-awareness on how they are performing as leaders now
  • Understanding the importance of leadership to living values
  • Develop strategies to improve their own leadership and building engaged teams

To ensure interaction with all participants, each Leadership Experience will be limited to 15-20 participants